Friday, November 23, 2012

The old homestead

Big Daddy grew up on a farm and his mom still lives there. It is a Centennial Farm, the same family has owned and lived there for over 100 years. BD thinks that his family home was originally the caretakers house.

This is the land across the street my MIL rents out, it is planted with corn and this time of year at dusk she watches the deer from her living room.

There are many antiques and signs of the past on the property. I have more pictures to share with their stories at a later time.

My tomato pie was a big hit as was BD's sausage nut stuffing. Punkin Head made herbed biscuits and The Fiancee did a fantastic job with roasted vegetables. And of course pecan pie. I need to learn how to make pretty pie crust.

There was a huge sale at Brooks Brothers this morning but only for 2 hours. BD bounded out of the house at 9:30 only to be stymied when he reached Fisher Road. There was also a Christmas Parade at about the same time. When he called to bitch I said "get pictures".

This is it, he said he wasn't waiting for Santa, he had shirts to purchase.


  1. Dontcha just love little towns. I once could not work my way out of a two road town because of the potato parade.

  2. Yep, once on a business trip in Iowa I was stuck because the Homecoming Parade was on Main Street and that pretty much was the main street.