Monday, November 19, 2012

This is not right

Those big lumps in the front are mud lumps. I asked Big Daddy what could make mud lumps like that and he did not know. Those are geese in the background and you can't see it but a swan in the right rear.

The water here used to be at least 4 feet deeper. There is some talk that the river from Lake Huron is silted up and the EPA will not allow dredging. Don't know if that is true but the upper lakes are supposed to be way high.

My newly elected 8 time convicted felon state rep has had his Land Rover repo'd since the Novemeber 6 election. This is getting serious as he previously had a Jag repo'd and the rumor is he only had 4 cars and was being evicted from his house for bouncing checks. Were do we find these upstanding people to vote into office.

And the biggest thing not right is my scary hair. Tomorrow is rework day. I would take a picture but I really do not want any reminder of this hair.


  1. The EPA still hasn't figure out what to do with the Passaic and Raritan Rivers. If they dredge them, they're afraid of digging up tons of really, really nasty chemicals that are supposedly just resting comfortably on the river bed.

  2. The best that I could find is that mud balls are made by wave action. But I spend an eXtremely tiny portion of my life any where near beaches, so I am not an eXpert.

    1. Thanks for trying, they are really quite large. For mud balls.