Sunday, November 4, 2012

We do not seem to have one normal household around here. Everything this guy has, he has multiples of. And he has had a garage sale every decent weekend since we moved in. Around 20 years of garage sales.

It is a good thing I like hats because Saturday I finally went too far and now have scary hair. If I was younger I would cry. There is no help in crying and hats will be my friend for awhile. I cannot get it fixed until I can get a couple oil treatments.

The roof is fixed so we can plaster later in the week. The chimney will be in the backyard until garbage day.

It appears new slavs moved into the group home this week. We wondered what happened with some of the blinds that disappeared. A truck showed up with more furniture.

I did see something interesting yesterday. Canada went ahead with putting the windmills in the lake, you can see them from Lakeshore Drive in the right weather. I think they started last fall and of course it was a very mild winter here. Wonder how the ice and wind will affect the poles. Guess it depends on how deep they sunk the poles. I need to read up on this.


  1. Wish I could remember the title of the documentary I saw on wind farms taking over rural upstate NY. It turns out these are not good neighbors. The noise is loud and constant. If you happen to live in the shadow of one, you'll have to put up with circling shadows through your house for part of the day. Yes, the blades do get coatings of ice on them and then the ice slips off in huge slabs. Wind farms have killed hundreds of thousands of birds.

    Also - not that this applies in your case - when building the wind mills in NY, rural mountain roads had to be expanded and widened to handle the wind mill parts along with the equipment to build it because the wind mill has to stand on a 40 ton platform of concrete.

    Sounds like a NIMBY moment to me.

    1. Wow, interesting. No problem with bringing in the parts, they used the freighters. I just wonder if this is going to work and if so what the Pointers are going to do to NOT have the shoreline full of huge wind turbines. It does not sound like much energy is generated per unit.

  2. I am interested in learning more about these slavs...


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