Friday, November 9, 2012

I am getting used to me

Looking into the mirror no longer makes me jump and cringe. I am so used to looking like a freak that I only have a mild wince and sorrowful thoughts.

I need to come up with an outfit for Sunday as we will be dining out with Punkin Head's future mother-in-law. Of course it will be the last warm day of the year, not helping me on the wardrobe side, and I have to find a hat to go with the attire.

I think I need a new Avatar, the one I use was just a last minute choice by Big Daddy of some shoes I wore in New Orleans that everyone loved. I was stopped everywhere about those shoes and you can't really even see them in the picture. Anyway it think it is tired and needs to be freshened.

The neighbors are still entertaining me. The new neighbors, as yet unnamed, are using their living room sofa as a laundry hamper. It is so charming to see their clothing strewn about and their curtains mushed and crumpled as the furniture is too close to the wall. Mrs, Clampett was putting her trash in the Slav's trash this morning which was quite odd as Mrs. Clampett had her own trash at the curb. Its not like there is a limit.

Oh, my limelight hydrangea never made the burgundy stage, they went straight to brown. There is a house down the street and theirs are gorgeous. Big Daddy said it is because ours were neglected for so long. My bittersweet berries are turning darker orange so I will try to get a picture of them.

Sammy has a new "thang" I need to get a photo of, he puts his head down sideways on a throw rug and sticks his rear end straight up in the air. And stays that way like he is sleeping or doing some heavy thinking. Silly dog.

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    I was convinced that all the mirrors in my house were defective until I saw myself reflected in the mirror somewhere else. I guess I just have a poor self image.

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