Sunday, May 24, 2009

Big Daddy says I am in a FUNK

Also that I have neglected my funny of the day. Punkin Head kinda said the same thing. Apparently they see no humor in my quest to fund port-a-pottys in tent city with Nancy Pelosi's pearls.

Well I did leave the house yesterday to get my hair done. Gotta keep up the roots. Saw a Grosse Pointe matron with fuchsia hair. My hair lady said she did it herself to save money, "and at her age you cannot afford not to have professional tinting". Why not just go brown? Every fashion magazine has ads for natural looking hair color you can buy at the discount store. I on the other hand am blond and there is nothing worse than bottle blond-even fuchsia. Fuchsia means you know it is not natural and natural was never a goal.

Saw the toe lady, she misses me. We have a plan to turn Grosse Pointe into the French Quarter of Michigan. It involves alcohol and maybe a Madam. The crumbling architecture, eccentrics, and too many lawyers are already here.

I hope you remember my neighbors, I have an update on the cookie lady. She of the two mud holes in her way past tacky front yard. She now has 5 tomato cages in one of the mud puddles. She also planted potatoes and corn in that "next to the sidewalk" plot. WTF. If you want to be a farmer why do you buy property with no yard but a patch in front. And I can't wait until the SPAWN OF THE DEVIL gang finds those tomatoes on a hot and muggy summer night. Thank goodness my car is red.

Speaking of red,also white and blue I have to get Big Daddy on the flag patrol. Tomorrow is Memorial Day and as we can only hang our flag when we can watch it (the spawn again) it is time to shake it out and hang it on porch. Jets from Selfridge will fly over my house and I can see them from the front porch. Thrilling sight and god bless our military men and women, they do a job I cannot. Thank you.

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