Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I got out of the house today

Went to the doctor first. Got right in went to room #2 and stopped dead in my tracks. There were about 6-8 syringes attached to plastic tubing up to about what looked like 14 inches long. I thought I would pass out. For goodness sake I am only here for an ultrasound. Well, when the tech noticed I was close to hysteria she explained, "Oh, those aren't for you". Further discussion explained those are for prostrate tests. Oh, my. I don't want to know why some were 1 inch and some very, very long. Ouch.

Then I went to the Social Security Office in the hood. It was close, Big Daddy was with me, and it was raining. Rain sometimes keeps the crack heads off the street. It wasn't too bad. There were only 2 crazy people. The first I am just not sure, but he loved the restroom. He left when the security guard came back. He was on his cell phone the entire time. The second guy pleaded to borrow my umbrella to close the windows on his car. Now it was raining pretty hard when I came in and this was as I was leaving. I gave it to him because I wanted to see this car that it was OK to leave the windows down in a Cat 3 but a Cat 4 demanded they be rolled up.

To put the cherry on the sundae I thought I might as well stop by Michigan Works on my way home and register my resume. Now I have a pretty damn good resume. Michigan Works does not want it. They want a resume a grade school child could fill out. Is that because of the filers or the readers of the resumes? And once again they would not take my password and the peep had to fix it for me. This after the scary dude said he was an accomplished fire bomber and might need to continue on that path. I did not turn around. There were some grim people at that office today.

Funny of the day:

NYT Crossword clue for COBOL was Y2K. (I knew the answer because my brother was one of the few at UT that got it and he was amazed everyone found it so hard.) I remember my mother was all over Y2K. I think she still has canned goods. And water. We kinda stocked up like you would for tornado season. Enough water, batteries, some stuff to get by for a week. Gas up the car and wash your clothes. Plant Loco was coming up New Year's Day to test their systems. They asked me if I was going to be on-site at midnight in case there were problems. WTF. What was I going to do at midnight if War of the Worlds started? In the hood. With a guy that bragged he is experienced in fire bombing. Gotta love Detroit City.


  1. This post makes me really happy I live in the country. :)

  2. Trust me, if I had not spent 12 years working in a pretty tough environment I would have passed out. The car guy was pretty funny tho.