Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some Things Change and Some Things Don't

Dealerships are being shut down today. Some are family owned businesses that supported a couple of generations with middle class lifestyles. Not yachts and moats like out British kin, but sand boxes and side walks. Oh well, as long as Obama is happy. Maybe Obama will buy us all an IPod and some DVD's that we can use in our tent cities, where I am sure we will have solar and wind power.

Don't want to piss off my UAW friends-but ya know we are gonna have all the best spots first in tent city. Look for swamp.

Big Daddy is networking, resuming, and telling his head-hunter peeps anything is good now. No more I would like to live in a real apartment. Tent City is fine.

And now our best cartoon, Nancy Pelosi, is saying Bush buffaloed her. She did not understand? Once again I must state we need to take those pearls and put them on a normal person. I vote for me. If I don't win can we auction them off and buy port-a-pottys for tent city?

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