Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ob La Di Ob La Da Life goes on

Punkin Head is moving this weekend, Big Daddy is doing yard work, GrrDog tries to make a friend and I am having hot flashes. Completely normal Saturday.

Well, Punkin Head is following family tradition of being his own person. He is moving into an apartment over a funeral home in New York City. I can't even walk into my mother's house where my dad and grandma died. And he is in love. Gotta get more information there soon. I have been holding back on asking too many questions but I am getting antsy for more info.

Big Daddy is cleaning up the outside, cutting down ivy and vines, edging and all the nasty work that needs doing in case he has to leave for this new job. Keeps him busy and he has lost 10 pounds since he was Rif'd. It was all the bagels and lunches. But his farmer jeans are now really baggy in the butt.

Big Daddy is in love with the BeagleDog across the street. It is a big beagle mix and always wags his tail. GrrDog met BeagleDog today and they did the de rigueur butt sniff and GrrDog wagged his tail (not normal) and BeagleDog walked away. GrrDog got stiffed by a mutt.

Hot flashes are bad and I spontaneously burst into tears, not sure if it is menopause or terror of the future. Probably a combination.

Talked to one of my Plant Loco peeps yesterday and she hasn't heard squat tho rumors are abundant. She was in the hospital for a bladder infection and puffed on her ecig and 4 people went home and ordered them. The media is speculating that GM may shut down Orion Assembly and keep D-Ham open. That probably means either Stella or myself gets let go. WTF. Her husband has a pension and mine is un-employed. I and have heard nothing on my resumes. No one is hiring in the US. period. And until some plants start building cars again I guess we all are in the same boat. Sinking.

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