Friday, May 8, 2009

MARVIN Pimped Me

Marvin and I are on the outs. I had just finished talking to a live member of the Unemployment Peeps and he transferred me to MARVIN to certify my MONEY when MARVIN went into a snit. He told me I did not have a Social Security Number that was viable. WTF. The live dude verified it and now it does not exist? No illegal alien has tried to steal it? It is just gone. Had to spend another 2 hours reconnecting to the live peep to verify this was not the Twilight Zone and trying to get my money. Marvin needs some Valium or something.

You know I was thinking today we are our own worst enemies. I am going to make a list and I am sure it will take me quite some time to finish with all the "little transgressions" that we all think don't matter. I just have to figure out how to put the list on the side of the blog as an added feature.

List starter:

I took pencils from work that were going to be thrown away, they were give-aways, and I used them myself at work. Except for 2 or 3. I still gave some away as no one reads the shit on the pen/pencil/whatever you give me give-aways. I had a guy yell at me one time that our pens were shit because the ink ran out in a few uses. He showed me a desk drawer full of quality pens. I asked why he wasn't using them. None of them had re-fills, but they were quality. WTF.

Working under the table. Never did it and I am appalled how many people that blather about the Democratic way think it is acceptable to not pay taxes on money earned. Same for the Republicans I know. If I pay taxes then we all pay taxes.

Antibacterial soap-do you people not stay abreast of the news? The healthiest people are probably the peeps raised with the most dirt. Ever hear about the strongest people surviving?

Feminine Hygiene Products, excuse me-but if you shower on a regular basis what is down there that is so offensive? This stuff causes massive "feminine problems" that feeds the Pharmaceutical companies to come up with more FEMININE HYGIENE PRODUCTS to fix the shit they started in the first place. Take a shower, or a bath, or use a really expensive bidet. Water down there is good.

Charity do-gooders. There are some good ones and there are some like the group I was invited to join. The first meeting in a mansion (with women with wedding rings much bigger than my 2 carat) were taught how to track their time and mileage so the husbands would be happy at tax time about the deductions. This is while we were availing ourselves to the homemade buffet that I am sure was also tax-deductable.

What is it with all this bullshit? People brag about paying a dollar a month for rent, people brag about working for cash so Uncle Sam can't take their taxes, people brag about tax deductions for having coffee. Who is actually paying for this shit besides me?

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