Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Once again the neighbors

Got a knock on the door this morning from the lady tending the corner house. She's the new neighbor. Good landscaping and a cute little girl.

She was asking my permission to put in her air-conditioning unit. WTF. This unit is across the street and behind bushes. So now we have to make local government and 1 out of 3 neighbors happy. The unit is only 2 feet from where the big screen TV(and I mean big)live. They will hear more noise than I ever will.

Big Daddy is interviewing for a new job this week overseas. Kinda scary. I think we may need to find a new home for the GrrDog or he will be lunch.

Off to do my resume for MARVIN, the bane of my existence, the most fickle relationship ever.


  1. nice of her to ask all the same......or did she have to ask? my neighbour didn't ask when she ripped my wall down......it;s been rebuilt since then....our relationship has not

  2. She had to ask, but I can't hear it only can see the top of the unit. Her next door neighbor can see and hear it.