Thursday, May 28, 2009

Now I remember why I hate Comcast

The entire day has been devoted to our Comcast experience. We had to give up our real and true proven service providers and go with Comcast as we are now broke and must get by until we move to tent city. However, we may never know we need to move as COMCAST does not provide what I would call complete service. They suck. Less than 6 hours and everything is fucked up. I knew it would happen.

I hate the Comcast mf//////

On a happier note, the cookie lady put down huge bark chips on the mud holes so now the chips will flow onto the sidewalk with the mud.

Detroit news, Visteon and Metaldyne both filed bankruptcy today. I hope this does not effect Big Daddy's maybe offer but it does validate everyone new on the Marvin program. Two Penny Jenny was on the news saying how hard she worked for Michigan and pumping up John Cherry. If Michigan does not get a normal, real, non-bullshit person to run for any office in this state I think maybe they should put the Gitmo people here-get more trash from Ontario-and shut down the Matty bridge for the gambling Canadians. Right now everything sucks.

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  1. I hate Comcast with a Passion You never know what your paying for from month to month!