Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just Odd Little Thoughts

I received an email from President Obama asking me to back his health care reform and requesting I write my congresspeople. The thing is the email did not tell me what the reforms actually were. And the only reason I get these emails is I wrote to him when he was running for the job to tell him I did not agree with some of his ideas. He never answered my questions but his peeps did ask me for money. WTF. My first reform would be that all government employees receive exactly the same benefits as the people they represent-medical, salary, vacation, and pension. If most of your peeps are union and get a pension, then so do you. If most of your peeps are like me and have to save my own money for retirement, then so do you. And your money comes from your state, not the feds. Michigan money should not pay for New York bennies.

Funnies of the week:

I was listening to the radio and Big Daddy came in and asked who was doing Morse Code. Yes Morse Code was coming across the radio for about 10 minutes. Was it military from Selfridge or some ham operator? Who knows? Told Big Daddy to brush up on his Morse so he can figure it out next time.

GrrDog came home from the spa with a bow on his collar. This is unusual for GrrDog and Big Daddy mentioned it. Spa peeps said he was a fairly good boy. BiG Daddy mentioned bow was on the collar and not on the top-knot. Spa said GrrDog was not THAT "a good boy". How can such a cute fucker be such a terror. And his terrible gas is back.

Rex Parker Does the New York Times Crossword had a fight with Evil Doug. Over rap music. On a blog about puzzles. This only confirms my earlier observation that blogs deteriorate the longer the bloggers sign on, bloggers think their opinions matter, blog owners think they are relevant and this whole venue is hilarious. Sometimes it is fun, once in a very great while you may learn something and mostly it is hoo-haa. And this fight happened one of the very few days I actually worked this year so I missed the whole damn thing and only caught up on some of it today. Drat, Egad, and I am irked. Word of the day antithetical, written by Orange, the smartest person I don't know.


People are indicating that Chrysler could go back to work in the next few weeks. I pray it is true so I can make my house payment.

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