Sunday, May 17, 2009

Idle thoughts

It's not like I don't have things to do-go over resume Big Daddy pumped up, cry, do my own toes, cry, make plans to get the house ready to sell or rent or put into foreclosure, cry, and weed the garden.

I can't understand a couple of things. I remember when it was good to make a 10% profit. When did everyone get so nuts? The house I bought in the early 90's is probably worth less than I paid for it as Grosse Pointe real estate really tanked. And I have a modest home. I know factory workers that bought 350 to 400 thousand dollar homes on the same or not much more income than we had. How the F### did that get approved? And I know factory workers losing homes in the hood that I am surprised anyone except a crack dealer would own. And the crack dealer would not live there. I know this because I was a juror in Federal Court on a cocaine trial and they presented evidence on their living conditions. It was creepy.

I also don't understand Food Stamps. There is a huge controversy in New Orleans right now regarding Councilwoman Stacy Heads' remarks on purchases made with Food Stamps. She does not like people purchasing pre-formed hamburger pattys along with prepared foods and junk. And people think she is racist. Who the fuck would buy, much less eat hamburger from Wal-Mart? Come on people! The government is thinking about taxing stupid and zero value added nutrition purchases and people are defending hamburger and Little Debbies. If it is okay to put a sin tax on smokes and liquor why not fatty hamburger and Little Debbies. And potato chips and Fritos and Red Bull.

If Nancy Pelosi ever gets her story straight on whatever the fuck it is she is doing the next project she takes on should be Food Stamps and the proper use of Little Debbies in the American diet.

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