Monday, May 18, 2009

New Ideas

I came up with a great new idea today for work, of course with the help of Big Daddy. He and his peeps are already running with it and I am hopeful something good comes from this. Isn't there some saying about gems out of shit.

Big Daddy is getting on my nerves as he does not understand staying home and being unemployed. I hope he never learns. However, we must have disciplines. And you may not like mine-but I was here first. I am however very thankful that he is getting quite a bit of feedback and an interview. Not bad for 4 days of trying in Detroit for an auto RIF.

Pinto beans and spoon bread for dinner.

By the way, Stacy Head the councilwoman in New Orleans did publish her emails today and she did say FUCK at least one time. Love that woman, love New Orleans, love people that say it like they see it. Maybe next Monday red beans and rice in honor of Stacey.

Sad news today, my favorite blog that I follow "Well Done Fillet" is retiring. Another thing to make me cry as I so enjoyed his writing and it is one less thing I have to do every day. I wish him well, but I also wish there were more interesting blogs out there to read.

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