Monday, May 25, 2009

Not Funny Just Down Right Hilarious

Councilwoman Joann Watson, generally viewed as not the stupidest person on the Detroit City Council, (okay that is not saying much) just found out that her $67 and change tax bill on her home was not right. Yep, 67 and change was not enough taxes. Cuz her home was listed on the tax rolls as a vacant lot. Her response was that she was insulted her house was worth so little. This has been going on for years. The house she remortgaged to finance her run for the council seat. AND YOU ASK WHY DETROIT IS SO FUCKED UP. The woman reviewing budgets can't do 5th grade math.

I believe Obama stole a page from Chrysler for the military. There was only 1 jet this morning out of Selfridge for the Memorial Day parades. This would be called an MCM at the three headed dog. Don't remember the exact name of the acronym, but it means cost save-usually at a quality cost. Don't those jet pilots need to train and fly on a regular basis. Oh, excuse me, I forgot=we call that buzzing Manhattan to take pictures.

Big Daddy got word they are working on an offer. Don't know whether to think to the future or hide some more. Either way some serious decisions have to be made and some serious structure to a plan has to be followed. The house will have to be ready for storage, sale, something no matter what happens. If this offer goes through GrrDog will have to find a new home. He is too old to go through immigration and quarantine. Gotta buck up and keep my eye on the ball.

Funny of the day: Big Daddy got himself a birthday present. A Morse Code web sight, so next time we are overtaken by the Martians when AM radio is on we can figure out where they will land. I'm thinking Cobo Hall or Joann Watson's vacant lot.

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