Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Big Daddy made me cry

He came home to this mess of China and put music on the music thingy.

Dionne Warwick singing The April Fools.

Best movie ever, Peter Lawford being an asshole, Catherine Deneuve being beautiful and Jack Lemmon being an American idiot. What is not to love.

It took Big Daddy years to find me a copy on VHS, simply no longer available and it is so funny, key clubs and dancers in cages and guys going home in the bar car on the trains.

And it does not ever get better than Dionne Warwick singing. Except if it is Louis. Or Patsy. Maybe once in a while Elvis. God I miss music.

Had to edit this, I forgot Moon River and Frank and BD's relatives the Judds and Brenda Lee, did I ever tell you about our visits to Graceland?


  1. You say many strange things but god I miss music has me groping?

  2. The only music in China is on your iPod, if that does not break, or your computer if that does not break, there is no damn radio here.

    Yea, both of mine have broken and it is not pleasant. Now the damn base unit for the iPod is on the fritz.