Friday, July 15, 2011

Going in the wrong direction

Our new candle holder. Not sure quite what to call this.

Everything seems up in the air right now. Big Daddy has pretty much been told his contract will not be renewed, the company is going to cheaper Chinese employees. So we have just over a year to figure all this out. Now as I am a glass half empty and probably cracked and leaking type person we need to decide on plans for worst case scenarios. And that should not include me continuing to buy things for this apartment.

But it is so hard to never shop. I can't buy clothes as I have reached puberty and have hips and breasts. I cannot buy shoes as my mother neglected to bind my feet. I can't buy crap because it makes me shudder. What is left? Whacko shit I find for the apartment. And the clock store shut down after 2 months in business.

Going home in a week for a refresher course on how to be a citizen. Last weekend in Shanghai so I need to take advantage and go do something.

Check with y'all later.

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