Saturday, July 23, 2011

Delta Airlines just ruined my tooth implant

I have scheduled this entire home leave, as everyone calls it, around finishing my dental implant. This requires 4 appointments with me and the dentist and the oral surgeon. Delta just cancelled my flight as once again one of the crappy 747's could not fly. So I am going home a day late and a dollar short. How do these cretins think I am going to reschedule 4 appointments on Monday when I get home after missing the first one?

And the asshats put me in the worst seat on the next plane a day later with no other elites in any of the other seats. Thank you for your loyalty. I do have status on your scrotus, stolen word, airline and you promised to treat me like a piece of shit, shit at least gets bagged and discarded in a proper manner.

So my phone call only got me moved up to the rest of the budget people seats somewhat better than the pauper seats. And now I have to rent a car or take a taxi home which makes my fucking budget ticket about on par with the United ticket I turned down as too expensive because Big Daddy's company will only pay for cargo tickets. I am pissed.

Maybe this is God's way of telling me I do not need this dental implant. Maybe I am just not being realistic about the world. Maybe I should just get over myself and teach pauper children to wash their hands. Although that is not allowed in China, you need a work permit for that kind of helping hands.

Delta Airlines sucks and ruined this entire trip home. They have cost me money and self esteem. They have insulted and treated me like shit on numerous occasions. The last time I flew here from Detroit they did not want me to use the Elite check-in line. I don't know why, I was cleaner than they were, I had a hair-do, jewelry and wore clothes that were not raggedy, unlike the Delta reps. I spoke English , they spoke Valley Girl, in sing-song. Okay I am getting petty now. They were nasty girls, it took me 15 minutes to get service ( I was the only one in line) and they never said sorry, or glad to have you fly Delta, or geez, I wish I wasn't an asshat bitch.

I am sure there is more to follow.


  1. 'Glad to have you fly Delta?' LoL. I wish they were allowed to say what they think. As you leave the plane they would say. 'I hope your flight was as shitty as mine - Fuck off and die!'