Sunday, July 17, 2011

Me and my new Doctor

I had to cancel my hair appointment yesterday as my IBS flared up again. That should have been my first clue.

So this morning I get up and get ready and go to the Doctor's office to get my thyroid meds renewed. First time for that here in China. Usual questions and everything is great except my blood pressure was high again. It always is when I go to the Doctor. Never anywhere else. But I was concerned enough to ask about it and the doctor did not seem to concerned but he did recommend I purchase a blood pressure machine. So off I go and buy the machine next door at the pharmacy, about 75 USD and then Big Daddy and I went to the City Shop for food.

At the city shop I started getting the random pains and brushed it off. On the way home I was getting carsick which is unusual when I sit in the front of taxi. Well we were home for a few minutes and the pain was becoming unbearable. I know I also have diverticular disease and if I had been in the states I would have gone to the ER quickly. But what the hell do you do in China.

Well we got a taxi and went back to the "Port a Mon" to see the Doctor. And we had the taxi driver from hell. He was screaming on his cell phone and almost drove into the landscaping as he could not steer and talk and then the asshat turned the wrong way. I am doubled over in pain and had to scream at this cretin where the fuck did he think he was going. So I am doubled over crying in the taxi and Big Daddy is in the back seat yelling at the driver to get off the cell phone and we are on our way.

This time my blood pressure was so high they would not tell me what it was.

Well, they started an IV, gave me 5 different syringes full of medicine, a urine test to rule out a kidney stone and put me on antibiotics and good bacteria. All while the nurse kept telling me to sing, she said it is relaxing to sing. One of my most horrible memories is getting kicked out of the third grade choir because I could not sing. I had to read the words of some cantata because I could not sing. I was the only reader. I had a sign on my neck that said this bitch cannot sing.

I have no idea what the hell they gave me. Something for pain that was about 50% effective, something for nausea about 75% effective and the other stuff. They cannot tell you what it is and the box it came in does not help. My grandmother and an uncle had to have a colostomy, I guess we have crappy intestines and this scares the hell out of me. Especially in China. I no longer have a Doctor in the US as he disappeared and his partner retired. And every Doctor in the US says the international insurance we have sucks.

For a few years before I moved here the most popular commercial on radio and television was "Do you have a Beaumont Doctor?" Maybe I should call and see if one of those highly advertised good guys of the medical world will take my insurance.

So today, not much fun was had by anyone and no fun in Shanghai this weekend.


  1. Everything you tell me about Shanghai makes me so look forward to it being our next posting. Can't wait!

  2. If you are nice I will teach you my 10 Chinese words.