Monday, July 18, 2011

Making TV history

The superstar camera dudes and the rest of us wondering what the fuck was wrong with these idjits.

The actual *Superstars during filming

This is the actual rail device used by the highly technical smartest people in the world to push the camera back and forth to film the superstars. I walk on that crappy uneven drive every day. I look directly down on it every day from my apartment and count the water bottles the security guards are throwing on the grass since they are still guarding the other superstars.

The best of this thing according to Big Daddy was a huge Aussie came down and was inquiring as to what the hell the mess was and the camera crew guy told him to "Shush".  I believe the Aussie called him a bloody wanker.

No one was told in the ex-pat apartments this was going to happen, happening, or what to expect when we went out to do our normal daily chores. Typical Chinese. A week later they are still guarding the other superstars, which may or may not be FIFA and we cannot walk through the lobby without an airport type search. And the security guards have moved dining room chairs into this area for their breaks, breaks seem to go from 7am to midnight.

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