Friday, July 22, 2011

Out and About

Waiting for Big Daddy at the corner. One guy moved, he thought I was bad luck I am sure.

Had to finish up some chores before we leave so we went swimming through the pea soup of Shanghai. Wasn't so much hot as humid as hell. Got my roots touched up and this time it only took an hour and a half, pretty good for China. Of course as soon as I walked out the door the hair do flopped.

We went to the rabbit warren to drop off books and get Big Daddy some coffee for when he returns. I found some bracelets for my buddies and unbelievably a black dress. This store was having a sale and as their were no other customers the store clerk urged me to come in and try it on. Probably because it was the biggest dress in the store. It is black linen and very loose and lightweight, perfect for sweating your ass off in. And Michigan is hot right now.

Funny of the day:

When we returned to the apartment two Chinese girls were on the veranda and one was singing to the other one, "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". WTF, that bitch has never seen a rainbow in China-that involves sunshine. Almost as good as the taxi driver that sang the Tennessee Waltz to Big Daddy on the way to the train station.

Gotta finish packing. Will pick this up back in the states.

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