Monday, July 11, 2011

Practice makes perfect

Sexy girl walking down the same street as . .

the child with the nails

Big Daddy is practicing taking photos with his new iPhone, blurry picture of a little girl waiting to run between taxis with her scrap lumber full of nails. And that was the best of 3 pictures.

I would guess he needs inspiration to do his best work.

This weekend we had Superstars at our hotel. They were filming a soap opera outside our building, still waiting for those photos. We also had  FIFA guys in swim trunks. No pictures of them. See what I mean? Inspiration.


  1. I checked this damn thing multiple times and the video worked, fuck me.

  2. Now it wont take my comment.
    Video works did good.
    Second try to post this comment.

    Big Daddy

  3. Big Daddy is a lousy photographer. No one can take photos that bad with an iphone. Is he taking them with his willy?

  4. Just realized this may have sounded rude. Was meant to be funny. Photos are actually very beautiful. Big Daddy is inventing a type of neo-Sino iPhone surrealistic photo blogging. Very cool.

  5. Big Daddy can't take photo's for shit.