Monday, July 4, 2011


That is me, hypochondriac. When we lived in the states they allowed ads on TV and radio for medicine and doctors and hospitals. If I went to the doctor every time I had one of the symptoms, well I would have had to sleep over. And we do not want to even discuss side effects on medicine pamphlets. I cannot watch medical TV shows, do Internet searches or listen to random conversations.

So last week my back pain started getting better. Then my finger, first on left hand, started to pain me. Thought nothing of it until I looked down and it had a huge, fiery red bump next to the cuticle. Well damn. I showed Big Daddy and he kinda cringed. This is important as he knows me well and if my head was cut off he would tell me it wasn't too bad.

Well I thought back, no professional manicure for 2 weeks and no cuticle maintenance since I took off the polish. Nope, I had not damaged me. So I got out the over a year old Neosporin and thought out how to handle this. You can't just run to the doctor every time you have a boo-boo. On the other hand I did not want to amputate my finger. Washing my hands was now a problem as I had to check on the color of the water out of spout plus the smell. Should I only use the bottled water?

This all goes back to why my son should thank his lucky stars he is alive today. Bottled formula. When I started reading on how to properly take care of a baby everything had to be sterilized. But where do you stop and start this process. Boil this and boil that. Do you need to boil the pan before you use the pan to boil the water to sterilize the shit that will infect your child with who knows what?

Somewhere along the way I started reading about how people are killing themselves with being too clean. And in thinking back I brushed my teeth with a toothbrush that should have killed me. And wiped my face on a towel that contained toilet water spray. And I probably have the healthiest immune system known to man.

So as any pioneer in China would do I quit on the not effective Neosporin and went with the Chinese ointment after a few days. And that shit worked overnight. Still have a slight bump. No pain.

I can type on the computer now and am looking forward to getting on with things instead of staring at my finger.

Do not leave any messages that describe any diagnosis, infections, diseases or prognosis for my finger. Please. And I hate, hate, hate antibacterial soap. Just think the super bugs would have jumped on this one.

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