Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where have all the cowboys gone

Paula Cole, thanks to Paula.

A good many of my favorite bloggers are dropping out. They say that they are out of ideas, stressed for material and just not into writing at this time.

I am upset. Some of them I found just recently. And they are profoundly (work with me here) funny, witty, thought provoking (wish I had that damn dictionary, shit I can't even spell that) and mostly entertaining.

I am forlorn and unhappy.  These bloggers make my days easier and let me imagine many different places and spaces.

I have to go to dinner now and try to make nice with Big Daddy as we have been fussing and feuding for 2 weeks, he took his asshole pills and forgot to give me my I am stupid pills, so I hope I will get some good pictures tonight, my fellow bloggers will find peace and in the end we will all find some way to be entertained.

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