Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It just keeps on

Punkin Head's cat, Noir, in real life she has yellow green eyes. She will rub against you but you are not allowed to pick her up. That is a big no-no.

Dental visit went to hell real quick. The area is too raw and angry for work and the dentist is kinda of a DENTAL GOD, he cannot understand why this is painful and then his assistant leaned down and told me he has never has any dental work and therefore does understand pain. And his father pulled his own teeth.

Big Daddy is on the phone to Delta Airlines to schedule me back  to land of propaganda on his flight. They fucked up the flights so they should pay for me to go home, this is of course thinking like a proper government type official. Obama screwed up the Bachorlette on regular television last night with his speech. That pissed me off, we know it is fucked up, get off the TV and fix it.  I have never seen the Bachorlette on a real TV screen before and I was amazed, people look different on a real TV.  My local TV news station people all look like they just returned from filming "Night of the Living Dead", these folks need a skin care regime.

BD leased a new car, Ford Fusion, Grey, and it is okay. Fits and Finish are not a 10 and the seals are an embarrassment. BD likes it and it has some program I cannot spell so that your phone works. As I am here 6 weeks a year and my primary phone is a Chinese piece of shit I am not that enamored of this feature. BD however is ranting about me going to get my phone "cynced", I am more "whatever".

BD cooked soft food for dinner in honor of my dental horrors, trout and fingerling potatoes and asparagus. Also Caprese salad. Could not chew the tomatoes. Best part was talking to Punkin Head and somehow we got on his trips out west for school (middle and upper school), this was part of his Earth Science program. He went to Alaska on one trip and pulled up in front of Caesar's Palace in a yellow school bus on another trip. I am begging him to write a guest post as he is an accomplished writer and much funnier than I am.

Oops, need another antibiotic and pain pill. Talk to you later.

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