Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reading and Hives

Trying to get around here to leave and I broke out with the hives again. So I am reading until the meds kick in and finished "Keep The Change" by Steve Dublanica on tipping in the US. Not a good book. Skimmed most of it. Most interesting part was at the end when he discussed the common perception that black people do not tip as well as others. He had data from college research groups. I can only say that in New Orleans they dreaded the 2 big black groups-Essence Festival and this football game on Thanksgiving weekend, the Bayou Classic. Everyone said the receipts were down and tipping was just not there. They hated those 2 events and there was a law passed that no one could shut down during the events. It would be discrimination.

Book I wanted to read next is "Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady" but Big Daddy is reading that, and he is finishing it. Hmm. Must be good. He asked me if I knew that smoking while walking down the street was a bad thing. I told him I knew that, it is common. He nodded like I was both really smart and a whore because I do that.

So, my next read is "The Bucolic Plague" about a couple of guys that know Martha Stewart and think starting a gentleman's farm will work for them. Guess they had a TV show and learned to make soap from goat milk.

Very proud of Punkin Head on his accomplishments, wish I could talk about them and brag like a regular mom. Good job son.

Okay, hives gone so I need to get busy.

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  1. I had a soft spot for Steve. I remember when he was just a waiter with a blog. I don't think the book captured the juice of the blog - the day to day insanity of working in a restaurant. I admire anyone who can work in a service industry and not go stark raving mad.

    Don't know what you did, Punkin Head, but yore mama's proud of you. Congratulations!