Saturday, July 9, 2011

Going Potty in China

The China Daily says we are going Potty. They are of course referring to the release of the last Harry Potter movie. We were very saddened last evening that Mr. Woody was closed and we could not pick up the latest release of Harry Potter. He did let us in the locked door and pulled the curtains behind closed behind us. I was mildly concerned. But he had no Potter. So I got the latest releases, Air Force One and Casablanca.

The China Daily was also quite proud to announce that the quality of the phony goods is getting quite a bit better. This is a relief as they also recently ran a story on the poor quality of the phony condoms. They break. And this is somehow America's fault as all the Internet porn is the downfall of China men. They want the US to apologize for Chinese men corrupted by porn which I thought mostly came from Thailand. I cannot make this shit up. I am thinking if you drink enough fake beer and wine you would probably think a fake condom was a fine idea.

My bartender is urging me to accompany her to the spa for my bad back. She spends 12 hours a week, 2 six hour stints at the spa. Who the fuck can lay their ass in a spa for 6 hours twice a week and never get a manicure? Or a decent hair cut.

Oh and the shopping trip is still on. They want to take me to Cheapo Lu. Be still my heart, Cheapo Lu. Who can resist.

Finally went to the Italian restaurant on Maoming Lu and it was wonderful. Kicking myself for not going sooner. Took a risk and got in a taxi and just said "eegeejo" which is roughly translated to straight ahead. I kinda steered and Big Daddy did the back seat driving and we got their pretty quick. Actually a good time was had by all. And the prices were decent.

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