Thursday, May 10, 2012

Alone Again

Big Daddies Visa's are in and he is "leavin on a jet plane" this Saturday. Gone til the end of the month. He will miss Mother's Day, his birthday, Memorial Day and new dog day. 

Yesterday I got him disinfecting hand wipes, Mento's and a paperback for his flight. He is taking big red and the Wenger computer rolling bag. Big Red is a Samsonite I got from QVC  for about 25 bucks back in the 90's, you cannot kill this suitcase. It is a one kind wonder. I bought 2, one red and one green. The green one only lasted about 5 or 6 years. Big Red is still hanging in there which is amazing as she was also used to transport groceries in China. 

The dog visit went great, wore the under 70 degree outfit, good dog and should be a nice fit. The rescue Queen is the only one who can approve the adoption and she will "be up north" this weekend so we cannot do this until next week. People in Michigan who tell you "they will be up north" are the biggest assholes in the world unless they are wearing camo and have a rifle in hand. Or they have on waders. Pretentious bitch. 

Decent people just say they are unavailable or out of town.  


  1. Oh yah. Up nort', hey? Them yoopers got to have them waders on, ya know.

    Actually, I think you're dealing with pseudo-yoopers, which has to be much, much worse than the real thing, although I have no first hand experience of either.

  2. No, not quite, I think this one is a Harbor Springs or Charlevoix up northers, the rich ones. Or so they want you to think. She works so more like old money that ran out.

  3. When I think of myself the phrase "old money that ran out" usuaLLy doesn't seem to fit as I wouldn't probably catch myself running very often. I have a few days of aloneness scheduled soon as Tamie is running off to Oklahoma to do hair for a wedding. HopefuLLy she doesn't run away for good, as I only got a pan of spaghetti made for leftovers as she probably won't be able to make the sour cream and chicken enchiladas.

  4. Ah, wedding hair, she will be running back after she gets her money, probably fast too.