Monday, May 14, 2012

Big Daddy is using the Chinese against the Indians

We have been early risers for the last decade or so, Big Daddy has been an early riser since growing up on the farm. 4:30 is normal for us, give or take an hour either way. 

Well, it turns out the Indians are just like the Chinese, work does not really start until 9:30 or 10:00, with nothing really prepared for the day. So BD told his new peeps he wants to start earlier, like pick me up at 8 and lets get started, then he lied to them and told them that is how the Chinese do it. These people would shit bricks if they new most people here start well before 9 and eat lunch at their desks most days. 

He had to get his hotel room changed, he got in really late the first night and they had him in a twin bed (this was an upgrade) and he fell out in the morning. Now he has a pretend king size bed. He had dinner at the Italian place down the street and he said it was horrid-risotto with curry. Most restaurants do not open before 7, so now he knows the rules and can look for something else.  That or stick with pizza. 

There are cows roaming the streets and he is gonna get some pictures for us. People just wander up and milk the cows in the street. Wow. Can't wait to see the pictures. 


  1. BD ordering risotto is like someone from Kansas expecting to get a really good shahi korma from Betty Lou's Diner. Really, BD, please try the Indian stuff.

    The variations in when cultures get up serves me well.I know I can hit the 'Murcan places between 7 - 9 am on the weekends, the Chinese places starting around 10, and the Indian places at 11.

    Has he met / encountered the chai wallah yet?

  2. Will have to check on the chai wallah. He was at an Italian restaurant, during the day he can only eat Indian so he was testing the waters for something different.

    I am not an Indian fan as I cannot eat cucumber and there are very few places in Metro Detroit with decent Indian food. I worked with a guy from India and he said there were only 2 or 3 places he would consider eating at here, weird huh?

  3. There are lots of Chinese restaurants around here run by Indians. Apparently Indians are big fans of Chinese food, but make it their way. Haven't had it yet. It sounds too much like a disaster waiting to happen.

    A couple of times I've gone to local places for Indian "breakfasts". It's essentially the same thing you can order any other time of the day but they're heavy on the poori (fried bread).

    Good luck, BD.