Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The dog rescue continues

Pearl has suggested I wear friendly dog walking clothes. I have 2 outfits one for below 70 degrees and one for above. I am hopeful they look friendly. I am hoping the jeans fit as we never know with the slight weight gain from quitting smoking and the IBS, some days yes and some days no. I hope this dog likes to walk as I need an excuse to get out there more. I also hope he likes longer ears, a mustache, and dry dog food. Yes, we like to change our men.

So if this works out I need 3 dog beds, a harness, leashes, yard stakes and food, brushes and maybe toys. And dog cookies.

And I need to get over my fear of bats.

Two dogs ago, Sherry Good Girl and I were sleeping in the Family Room in the big chair. BD took Sherry out for the last time of the evening and a bat flew in our door. I slept through the entire fiasco and Sherry paid no attention to BD trying to capture the bat. BD told me in the morning about the entire comedy skit he performed and went to the airport and flew out of town. I came home from work and let Sherry out and lo and behold there was a bat hanging on the brick right under the mail slot. This was not good.

I called BD hysterically screaming about the bat. I went and got a broom and swept it off the bricks and it landed right by the walkway to the porch. As we all remember from Dark Shadows this was not going to work out. I walked down the street and knocked on the friendly neighbors door and told the son I needed his help, using my broom as proof that I was either a witch or a crazy woman. Did you know that bats can scream? Did you know that crazy women dance with their brooms when this happens. Last I saw of the bat was Billy walking down the sidewalk with the bat clutching a stick.

So I am wondering if I can train the dog to only need to pee in the daylight.


  1. We have a dog who prefers to only pee in daylight. More to the point, in sunlight, on green grass. Bad choices for NE Ohio.