Monday, May 14, 2012

Yah Lou's Pet Supplies

This dog adoption is still crazy, phone calls all over and now the foster mom is crying I think because she is so attached to Sammy now. Shit this is hard all the way around. Sue and Mike are coming tomorrow with Sammy and I will have tissues available.

So what to do, I called Lou's and put in my order. This is what I love about Grosse Pointe, call up and tell them what you want. They tell you what they got. Tomorrow I walk in and pick the whole nine yards, no problems. And when we see if Sammy likes his shit, then he can go back with me to get more shit. As long as he is on his leash. Which I think I dazed the clerk when I said I wanted a snap back leash, just picture it, and she finally said a retractable leash.

Here is my order:

Merrick chicken flavored dry food, made for water to be added.
Merrick chicken flavored wet food with an additional lid so it is not nasty in the fridge.
Brush for poodle hair.
Bed for 10 pound poodle.
Snap back leash, ha ha ha.
Some soft toys that are nice and appropriate.

Big Daddy, your household may be somewhat larger when you arrive back home.

We will see tomorrow, the triage for cleaning is now on the dining room table and no matter what life goes on.

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