Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New cure for heartburn

Big Daddy has been getting bad heartburn from the curry. So his Indian peeps took him to the coconut man who whapped the top off the coconut with his machete. Then they told Big Daddy to drink the coconut milk and BD said the heartburn went away instantly. Don't think it will be as easy to transport as a roll of antacid tablets.

Funny of the day: Headline on Comcast News, "Rattlesnake Bites Medical Marijuana Grower At Walmart". WTF.


  1. Just the whole idea of squeezing those words rattlesnake medical marijuana and Wal-Mart into the same sentence or headline is such a delight, in any order. Maybe even for the first time in the history of man v snake v WMT. Hold it, there was the Garden of Eden, Eve, and Serpent... No, weLL, almost.

  2. Now I have that song "Lime in the Coconut" in my head!


  3. Pearl, I was singing it as I was writing.