Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just sipping my wine and watching

My back is still not "moving about" friendly so I am not doing much. Big Daddy is keeping me appraised of his upcoming schedule. First it was 2 weeks in Shanghai, then it changed to a few weeks in India, next was a few days in Mexico and flying on to India. I am aghast that someone would take a plane from Mexico to India.

India destination at this moment seems to be Bangalore which I think used to be the rubber sandal capitol of the world. Punkin Head's best friend was Indian and knew Bangalore, I do not recall him recommending the sandals.

As this travel schedule is changing every few hours I am not getting interested until I have better information. BD asked me about Emirates, if they fly into Dallas I need to find out what alliance they belong to, they don't fly into Detroit.


  1. I'm excited just reading all those exotic locations. Man!

    I gotta get out more.

    Hope your back feels better soon...


  2. You don't have to live in India right?

    1. Momma gets to stay in Grosse Pointe and Big Daddy has to travel about and shop for trinkets for me. Lets hope he can use the camera better, now he has a Blackberry and we will see.