Friday, May 18, 2012

One little favor, is that so much?

I asked Punkin Head to get me a saw, just a normal hand saw. My trees and things are out of control and they need some trimming. He said no to mommy, he does not think I am saw blade wielding material. Huh.

Big Daddy's co-worker that pulled the Shanghai trip is sicker than a dog, yep food poisoning. Yep, he has IBS. Yep, he ate a salad. The doctor at the Portman center told him a lot of white people cannot eat greens and salads in China, especially people with IBS. The guy asked why and the doctor told him the truth, the Chinese are just not clean. And yep he got the famous shot in the ass, IV treatment and bag of various medicines.

Oh, I forgot to take the garbage out. Thought about it last night and forgot about it this morning until the garbage truck went past. WTF, you know it was never my job and when BD came home he did it and I just cannot get into the garbage groove.


  1. Is there ANYTHING you can do in China that will not poison you or kill you?

  2. Nope, I cannot believe some people claim to live there with no problems. Of course these people are top management with first class tickets out and embassy people with the same privileges. We are hearing more and more rumblings of keeping the whiteys out and the Chinese taking over all the business ventures.