Thursday, May 17, 2012

The cows are dying

These pics taken from the car.

They are in the median because that is where the grass is. There is not much grass around here so they have to supplement their diet with garbage. Problem is there is too much plastic in the garbage and the plastic is killing them.

Sammy is carving out his space and not living up to his quiet and mostly sleeps "description". So far he has chased birds, squirrels, and the neighbors. He will never be off a leash. He always wants to go out but most of the time all he does is sit and sniff the air. We must have a richer smelling environment than the suburbs. Yesterday he came up to me twice and sat down and, looking me straight in the eye barked his story.


  1. I had heard of bears living in the outskirts of Detroit, but cows, this is gnu, I mean, new to me. Haahahahahahaha

    Learning about doggies is a wonderful life ....

  2. I am sure he makes as much sense as Monika and Sissi