Saturday, May 12, 2012

Crazy hand waving is back

I thought I was over that form of communication, guess not. And the funny thing is the only person I am communicating with is me.

I found this blog that I was spending a lot of time on, The Hinky Meter, it was about crime that just seemed odd. I guess it was more of a board than a blog and the comments were fascinating as many of the users were locals with information not found in the media reports. Kind a a true crime blog with real time input. Anyway, the owner shut the entire board/blog down and put it up for sale because she feels she cannot go to her mother's funeral when she dies. What The Fuck is up with that hot mess. Go or don't go, this is not a big deal, your mom won't know the difference. Of all the reasons in the world to make a life changing decision, that is not one of them. Her dad is dead for 2 years now and she is upset with how her mom treated him. Okay, but he is not fretting and she should not be losing sleep over it at this point.

I think the Internet makes us all too privy to each others thoughts and deeds, things that in the past would remain private are now put on display for anyone to comment about. Obviously this woman is in pain, but a pain no one else can comprehend. Maybe we should not share so much, or perhaps only share what we are comfortable with discussing. She wiped everything clean after it was posted which we all know if you post it, it is always out there somewhere-which is where her followers found it and re-posted it. WTH.

So the Jane Bashara murder is now not up for community discussion, I have to remember to search for information on Isabella Celis, and something I liked just fucking went away.

Big Daddy is on his way to Paris right now and should call me about 2 PM tomorrow to tell me he is in the land of India and his "looks like a terrorist driver" is there. He has a picture printed out by the admin.

Funny of the day: Driver from our house to Detroit Metro Airport looked like a terrorist too.


  1. I used to read "Overflowing Brain" until I realized I wanted to smack her.

    Now there is a blog that I sometimes hop over to. I read it for the train wreck factor. This woman is completely consumed with the minutiae of her health and is convinced that the entire world is snubbing her.

    She further revealed that her doctor has said she should be on psychotropic drugs, but no, she takes St. John's wort instead.

    I have often wanted to comment on her blog, but that's too deep a well to holler into. There's also the danger of getting sucked into it. She knows the truth but chooses to ignore it. So she just ends up providing a side show for people who have no sympathy for her.

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  4. Grosse Pointe locals (re: Jane Bashara murder) opened up their own little board and moved there... so the case IS "up for community discussion", among other couple of places on the net :)

    Drop by there sometimes... ;)