Saturday, May 26, 2012

I can't make this shit up

For many years we have lived with the fact that Big Daddy looks quite a bit like Dick Cheney. They could be brothers. TSA has remarked how much he looks like Cheney while wanding him at the airport. Gennifer Flowers called him Dick Cheney at her nightclub. It goes on and on.

Well today BD was at the temple or palace or whatever in Mysore, India and yep-it happened again. He was approached by a group of trainee soldiers wanting their picture taken with BD. When they were finished they thanked Mr. Chinny. Yep, they thought he was Dick Cheney. This time however he got the full celebrity treatment. Apparently the Indians are star struck for any famous person and they mobbed BD for pictures. The soldiers video taped him and the driver said that was the most pictures ever taken of a faux celebrity. The runner-up is some guys wife named Angie who they thought was Angelina Jolie. She ran and hid, avoiding the big mob scene.

BD got some great shopping bargains, which will be detailed later, and sore feet from walking the palaces without shoes. He ruined one pair of flight socks.

He had a fabulous lunch at one of the palaces that was converted into a resort and KFC for dinner. It kills me no matter where you go there is a KFC.

Pictures to follow as soon as he uploads them, but Punkin Head found a picture of the Mysore Palace at night on the Internet and it is a huge and gorgeous place. Punkin Head is at the music venue downtown this weekend so he spent the night here. The Greektown Casino Hotel told him that no outside beverages are allowed to brought into the hotel so he is smuggling his in my Trader Joe's insulated grocery bag, it has a zipper.


  1. I am so sorry to read that BD resembles DC.

    And allowing himself to be photographed shows BD has a heart, where DC had to have someone else's implanted into his chest.