Monday, May 21, 2012

My new dog is nutso, and way too smart

Sammy dog is starting to feel real comfortable, he has it all figured out. Last night I told him it was time for bed and he got up and grabbed his bolo stick and trotted into the bedroom. This bolo stick is a rather large dog chewy that came with the dog. I am guessing 8 inches long. Sammy cannot get on the bed, it is higher than a normal bed. I took the bolo stick and put the dog on the bed and there we were ready for sleepy time. Nope, Sammy jumps off the bed. In my opinion he could sleep on the rug, not gonna play that game. Next thing I know there is a whiny dog sound irritating me and I look over to see the top of Sammy's head with his fucking chewy in his mouth. Hell, to the no, you are not bringing your shit into my bed. Put Sammy back in the bed sans the chewy, he thought it over (you could see the brain working) and he opted to stay in the big bed.

I tried to train him that he goes to the front door to pee and the side door for a walk. He is now a permanent fixture at the side door. This dog would be perfect in a fenced yard.

He figured out that if he sits on the rug in front of the kitchen sink he may get food.

I gotta say though he is a very good dog, barks to go out-except he does not do any biz, sits still to get his leash on, sits still to get his hair brushed.

Funny of the day: ran out of my canned food, only bought one can, and gave him his fave that the foster mother brought. He would not touch it. Gotta make him a vet appointment soon.