Sunday, May 20, 2012

Just my luck

I love these cow pictures, they are hilarious.

Big Daddy said it was so hot and humid his glasses were fogged all day.

Well, if anyone remembers I have always talked about how weird shit always happens to me. Well I am convinced the old newlywed house is now a half-way house for Slavic refugees or a stop off point for illegal immigrants from some Slavic type country. I don't know why I think Slavic, their language just makes me think that area. Most of them speak English but mostly they speak in their language. More and more people keep moving in. Their is no longer room in their driveway for the cars and they are hanging over the sidewalks.

In the morning they all gather on the deck and while I cannot see them I can hear them. They have to be talking pretty damn loud for me to hear them inside my house. With the windows closed. Never heard the neighbors before.

Yesterday when I took Sammy out for his evening poop I noticed the only car parked on the street was parked directly at the end of my driveway. I studied this situation and decided their was no way in hell I could get out of this driveway without hitting that damn car on a regular basis. It was the neighbors. WTF. I did ask them to move the car and they complied speedily, I said no hurry, just you know keep it in mind as you park your seven thousand vehicles here on the dead end street. Okay, I exaggerate a bit. But 5 cars and everyone is over 45? And this is only a four bedroom home, where are all these people sleeping?

When we moved in the neighbors were normal, the kid mowed our lawn until he was in his twenties for gas money, next were the Al Quiedas with the neglected dog and the wife from hell,house was vacant for a few years,  then the newlyweds who moved out and the house was vacant for a long time-and now the Slavic half-way house.


  1. Let's see...One house to the side of mine was
    1. The home of an old school Italian couple who moved to Cape May. (Retiring in Jersey? Really?)
    2. Husband and wife with four kids, she running a day care in the house. I disliked her intensely because she picked on her wonderful youngest daughter.
    3. The Filipino Karaoke group, also the Filipino Halfway house.
    4. Now I have Bob the Indian, his wife, son and daughter and someone's Mama living there. They are great neighbors. I hope you get a Bob the Indian, too.

  2. Aah, but you are talking one house, I have 7 wackos plus the Slavs and one vacant house at the moment.

  3. Just hate the neighbors with 10,000 cars, boats, horse floats etc which they park in YOUR space because they do not have enough.