Sunday, June 3, 2012

Adventures of Big Daddy

He arrived as promised Friday evening, rode hard and whipped. I was glad to see him as I was sick and needed help. I had taken out 2 bags of garbage in the mild rain when the heavens opened and the rain became blinding. When they never picked it up I was concerned until I remember it was the week after Memorial Day and all the garbage pickup was a day later. Big Daddy took the rest out Saturday morning.

After the garbage fun he went and got a haircut and shopped for a gas grill. Now this part cracks me up, both of our big box stores have done something to piss me off so it does not matter where you go. You can pay 3 times the highest price at any other store or you can go to one of the assholes. He found the grill he wanted at Lowes, it would be on sale next week and they could not deliver until Wednesday. The he went to Home Depot and found the same grill for 200 dollars less and they had a rent-a-truck for 25 bucks to deliver it yourself. These stores are on the same shopping center or mall campus. WTF?

So we had steaks last night and big daddy broke the curse of too much mutton and chicken.

Today he found and cleaned his smoker for possible treats tomorrow, got one fountain working and is out shopping again. He is so happy to be home. He goes back to India the end of the month.

He and Sammy are getting along quite well although BD declined to take him to Lou's Pet Store. Yesterday he got his first hot buttered toast and he enjoyed it. Dogs can only have it once a week, and if BD is not home, no toast. Big Mama does not do dog toast.

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  1. Awww! Welcome home, BD. Obviously, your presence is not just welcomed but needed. Plus steaks on the grill? You rock.