Sunday, June 3, 2012

Oh Hell to the No

The kinda new next door neighbors, the grandson of the dead lady has announced he is putting up a fence. He has measured and set up a stake where his fence will go. I am really not happy with this shit. For one thing he can't measure to a stake survey. For the second thing he acts like he is stupid. For threesies he does not seem to understand that he cannot do shit without our okay on our property line. What a dick head.

He is measuring from the neighbors on his left fence to our fence line. I tried to explain does not mean shit to me, you need a stake survey. And we actually have our original plats and blueprints for the property. Big Daddy is going to have to go to the city offices tomorrow and inquire if this big piece of shit asshole can build a fence on his own whim. And he wants to fence it in to make a dog run. Under my bedroom window, I do not think so.

So we have agreed that he will pay for a stake survey and I will send BD up to the city to find out just how miserable we can make his ass.

I did point out to him that the Al Qaeda's could not put a fence without my permission, for fucks sake the lady across the street asked me to sign for her ac unit.

What he really wants is a fenced in place for his dog and an outside storage area for his tool shed and grill. The asshat has an attached garage so just how much storage does he need? He has had crap sitting on his driveway  garage entrance for 4 months and we have not said shit.

More to follow after the city visit tomorrow.

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  1. I hate neighbors like that. Luckily, all the fences that can be built around my property already have been.