Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pointers Part 2

Follow-up from yesterday, Big Bobb got a 15 million dollar bail for a 2 grand hit accusation.

Laughing my ass off all the way to the lake on this one.

And his next court date is the day after the "handy man" has his next court date for his second competency exam. Handy man needs the second exam before he and his court appointed attorney can plead.

This is so absurd it is almost not to be believed.

Keep in mind, handy man has a "reported" IQ of 67, and a history of acting out-appropriate for his IQ. He has no family members to rely on and lost custody of his daughter.

I can not remember a situation as sad as this one, mom dead, kids have a startling view of dad, and there is no place to go for comfort. Just sucks.

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