Monday, June 18, 2012

The fountain of old

This is Don's fountain.

Big Daddy got Don's fountain running this weekend. Don is the guy that built this house and used to be our ghost. He has not been around lately. When we moved in and figured out the house was haunted it just seemed like needlessly making changes would piss Don off. So we fixed the fountain and painted it and decided to use it until we found a replacement. That was in the early 90's.

Punkin Head came for dinner and BD made him salmon and grilled pineapple and his famous no mayo potato salad, all was good.

They traded presents, PH got him handmade cufflinks from New Orleans streetcar tokens and he showed him the Roku set up on the TV, BD never noticed it. BD gave the boy his silk tie and elephant picture from Mysore. First the Lucky Cat from China and now the Lucky Elephant from India. Double lucky.

I am hopeful to figure out the Netflix thing.


  1. A good day. My older son got an iPhone so we were finaLLy able to do Facetime with someone, and of course we were goofy.

  2. Any fountain set in lilies of the valley is a good fountain.

  3. Maybe that's what I need - a fountain. How could I kill that.

    1. We can't kill it so I would think you would be fine. Except there is one we purchased and we have killed it 3 times, it is due for another welding and paint job. Shucks.