Monday, June 25, 2012

Snippets of life in the burbs

Stealing from Pearl for this one, what changes when you get old and decrepit and why do folks keep it a secret? Well when my mother lied to me about how horrid birthing babies was I learned never to trust older folks. The day I hit 40 every little "saying" came true, eyes went first-could not read my birthday card. Worst thing I learned is you can have pimples and hot flashes at the same time. Oddest thing is the wrinkle factor, I slather myself with every wrinkle fighter known. I have a huge wrinkle on the heel of my right foot, this has been verified by my manicurist.

Went to bed last night and forgot it was the day of the fireworks for our little town. Sammy brought it to my attention as he does not seem to be fond of fireworks. Personally I thought they were a little lame after China.

Big Daddy tells me he and his India contact stepped outside to talk as the inside of the plant was too noisy. His contact explained to him how they had to watch for snakes while they were outside as the neighbor company found a Cobra. Not to worry though, they have a couple snake charmers in the plant.

BD went back inside and looked for flutes.


  1. My wife has a song she sings about herself that I think she even wrote (not sure), but the main line, my favorite is when she calls herself "old and decrepit".

  2. Yes, there will be those birthdays...

    Did you ever see the movie "Outsourced"? It was charming.