Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Soda and Foie Gras

This post is not about good and bad, right or wrong, or even smart v/s stupid. It is about Karma, what comes around goes around. Yea for Karma. When the powers that be, or as most people call themselves, the good, right, smart people decided to make my smoking life miserable, well it pissed me off. Because smoking is legal (and a huge contributor to the tax bucket) I figured if it was so bad, make it illegal. Nope, "they" just harassed me for doing something legal.

Now however, the smartest people on earth have decided what size soda people can buy and what food they can consume. I always knew y'all were next. You see I don't drink soda, in Michigan we call it pop, because it is the worst thing in the world for you to drink. Vernor's ginger ale will settle your stomach and normal people need that, what, once a year. And ginger tea will do the same job. As for foie gras no one in California will be inconvenienced by this law because if you can afford it and know what it is you can get it shipped and have it cooked.

What did amaze me is that there is no restriction on "diet soda", which is so much worse with the chemicals used for the sweet taste and the high sodium content. So I guess the general health of soda drinkers is not the top priority with this crowd. And I have never seen a skinny person order a diet soda.

The best news of the day was that Disney is changing their advertising directed at children, there will be no junk food allowed. My question, just who is the arbiter of junk food. I personally think that Tyson chicken, all ground meat that is mass-packaged, all processed food, Wonder Bread and any chain restaurant fare is junk food. And don't forget ball park franks, the preservatives ya know. Juice boxes-junk food-all sugar and no fiber. Fruit roll-ups junk, anything not fresh-junk.

So I think no one wants me to choose what is junk and what is good food. Let the games begin.


  1. I know I need to eat better & less. I just stopped Dr Pepper consumption, replacing that with iced tea, but I am using a little of the pink sweetener.

    I think Bloomberg has crossed over the line of personal choce/freedom - and it is stupidly "enforced" - aLL you have to do is order another drink. Billionaire thinking. His logic baffles me.

  2. Yeah. Like you can't order two sodas at Yankee Stadium...

    Actually, my problem - and this should be my only one - is that if I want a soda at the movies, there isn't a size small enough. I know I could order the smallest and just not drink it all but yeah, right.

  3. I was amazed one time at Chris Owens in New Orleans I was allowed to order a bottle of water instead of a "drink", smaller drinks should be offered. You are right Becs, how many people leave half a serving? Well, I do and everyone screams, what is wrong with your such and such. Nothing is wrong, I just had enough. I am talking food of course, not wine.