Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This is why they make fun of us

Making sport of Grosse Pointers is a time honored tradition. The one item they use most often in calling us out is cheapness, Pointers are known as cheap ass squeakers.

The big story here is the woman found strangled in her Mercedes on the border of Grosse Pointe Park and Detroit and the arrest of her husband's handy man for the murder. The handy man is maybe a real handy man or a charity case according to the husband. Nonetheless, the husband is supposed to have paid the handy man to kill his wife, the "offer" was reported to be around 2 grand and a used Cadillac. I kid you not. He is known to have actually paid 8 hundred and change for something. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

Well, there is all sorts of drama and what not associated with this situation. For instance a local group is selling yard signs, wristbands, ribbons for trees, and car magnets to support Justice for Jane. The yard signs on the street that the widower "Big Bobb" (his self imposed nick name) lives on keep getting stolen and the local police spend a lot of time taking reports on these thefts. Local eateries keep asking him to leave. Hell a church asked him to leave the charity fundraiser.

Well, Big Bobb was arrested last night, purportedly at the location of his sex dungeon (you did not think this could get better, right) not for killing his wife or not even for the conspiracy charge we were all looking for. Nope he was arrested for trying to arrange a hit on the jailed handy man. The big bucks that Big Bobb is said to have offered for this alleged crime, 2000 dollars. WTF. How stupid can this asshat be, you gotta pay more than 2000 bucks for this kinda shit. And everyone knows he shorted the last guy he hired.

The history of the area, Big Bobb lives on a street that used to be a mob haven with tunnels to who knows where-maybe the river (they are cemented closed now), his old next door neighbor-house is vacant-was always referred to as a mob guy, his lawyer is referred to a mob lawyer, well the mob was never accused of being frugal fuckers. Did he learn nothing from his uppers.

On a more serious note, Justice 4 Jane is a web site selling memory items and advocates for justice in the murder case of Jane Bashara. I am a member of the web site and they don't know me nor have they had any input for this post. They won't even sell me stuff as they are too busy.


  1. I think the minimum price for a hit should be $10,000. $2,000 is just ridiculous.

    1. Seriously, you can't buy a decent used car for 2 grand.

  2. Rich people being stingy. My ex-MIL worked for one of the richest families around. They had no idea that she had her own life, two young daughters, and for most of her life, had been trying to survive on her own. Instead, they would call her at 5 am and ask to be driven to the local private airport. "Oh, and can you swing by on your way back to our house and make sure all the cars are gassed up?" And Mrs. thought she was being so good when she would offer XMIL bags of her one-season-used clothes.

    I hate rich people. It's not jealousy. I hate their freaking cluelessness and self-absorption.

    1. I hate that the Pointers don't tip, even the non-rich, their kids are snotty for the most part and they like asshats in public.