Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bits and Pieces


This Crab Apple tree just got the haircut of a life time. 3 years growth gone in 90 minutes.

Punkin Head I bet you are falling over laughing on this one. Big Daddy started at 7 Am and battled through the jungle until about 8:30.

We got a new outdoor thermometer at Ace this weekend and it was cracked so he is returning that and when he gets home he is starting to wash windows. Woohoo.

We tried the new Almond Croissants from Trader Joe's, I had the chocolate ones with PH earlier, and BD was very happy with the finished product. He is not used to me shopping and picking out shit on my own. Back in the day I never set foot in a grocery type store. I think it is weird for him to come home and find stuff in the refrigerator and the cupboards that he did not pick out.

We are having Smothered Chicken and Butter Beans for dinner, yes, I found the recipe, and I think that is gonna be fun. First we fight over how to cook it and then we fight over the leftovers. I found 2 new blogs for New Orleans style recipes and this is from one of them, will let you now if it is good enough to share.

Have my replacement cards, and replacement wastebasket and storage containers. Not that anyone cares.

Sad news from my niece, she was separated from the Navy due to an injury. She, all 110 pounds of her (dripping wet) was not able to consistently do 100 jumping jacks with her 120 pound sea bag on her shoulders. She has Plan B and I am proud of her, she tried and lived to try something else.

Gotta have a dream. Sometimes it is no more than some pepper jelly on a cracker with a smear of cream cheese, but any dream is better than no dream at all.


  1. I care. Well done on the new cards and the wastebasket and storage containers.

  2. 100 jumping jacks, wow. At thismoment I think I could easily do half of a jumping jack. That is sad that they messed up her world. I have learned several stories of military bureaucratic insensitivity over the last three and a half years.

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