Monday, June 11, 2012

They're baaaack

See that bug on the window?

That is one of our world famous fish flies. They come this time of year and last a few weeks or so. They are born and live and die in 48 hours. Sometimes we get a light crop and sometimes it is so bad you would swear you are driving on ice. The closer you are to the lake the worse it is. I actually bought a special broom to get them off the doorwall screens one year. I wonder if we still have that thing. They don't bother anything they are just messy and icky. And they are attracted to light so during this time everything stays shut up and no outside lights. If the Slavic half way house residents do not know this they will be covered in a few days.

There are about 20 on that window. When it is mid season sometimes you cannot see out of the windows. Will keep you updated.

Fancy people on the west side of the state call them Mayflies. Not us, fish flies.


  1. Hmmm..I think my mom called these Canadian Soldiers. Havn't seen one since I moved away from Lake Erie, twenty five years ago.

  2. I never knew that. Kind of like love bugs in Florida.

  3. They're in Minnesota as well, where they are also called "mayflies".