Friday, June 22, 2012

Favorite Things

The dust cover is a little worse for wear but the book is delicious.

I adore old cooking and housekeeping books, and yes etiquette books. The older the better. This was originally published in 1901 and I cannot afford those books, this one was published in 1966 and originally  sold for 3 dollars. I think the major updates acknowledged not having to boil calf hooves anymore for gelatin.

Thank you Big Daddy, he found it and had it shipped to me. And he got rid of the packing materials.

He is out shopping and cursing and shopping and cursing. Not thrilled about his trip back to Bangalore tomorrow and not happy that he did not get better seats as the flights were sold out.  He is going to pack his sandwiches so he does not have to depend on the airline slop.


  1. Ah. It makes sense that the plane is full. Schools are out and the kids are going to their grandparents' dirt farm for the summer. In the Autumn when they come back, they'll bring back a grandparent and an uncle or two. ("American Born Confused Desi Escaped From Gujerat Hotels In Jersey Keeping...Two Uncles Visiting.")

    I know how you feel about etiquette books and old cookbooks. I don't cook any more but the best recipes I used came from my 1973 Betty Crocker cookbook. In the 1980s, Pierre Franey was my tutor.

    Oh - the Wall Street Journal had a story about fish flies at the Pointe today. Validation is sweet. If stinky.

  2. I saw the gross Grosse Pointe article today in the WSJ and was hoping they would have interviewed you. We had moths horribly, I think about a mo-n-th ago. They didn't stink like fish. My shoes were pretty smeLLy today, so I washed them. I don't think they smeLLed like fish, though. Sorry about BD's airline irritations. At least he gets to escape the fly grossness, oh, wait, I forgot where he was going. Borger TX used to smell terribly because they had a refinery, carbon black plantS, synthetic rubber, and a specialty chemicals plant that makes very smelly sulfur chemicals. Anyone who doesn't like pollution controls should be forced to go back in time and live here 30 years ago.

  3. Actually the fish flies have been quite light this year. It is still early though, I remember sitting on a boat one year watching the July 4th parade of lights and just getting covered with the ugly things.