Thursday, June 14, 2012

The time has come for a Come to Jesus meeting

When I get disturbed about the way things are going I try to step back and take a deep breath and make a few suggestions that will right the ship. Quietly and serenely. Then I start correcting things and hoping that certain people notice that things are now in their proper place and how much nicer life is for all concerned. When all my good intentions fail I go into a sulk. For some reason the sulking process acts like fertilizer for the wayward actions of the dimwit, the foolhardy scalawag that is oblivious to what the future holds for one so lacking in historical reference.

Because until mama is happy, no one is going to be happy. And mama is really, really unhappy.

And you forgot to put the flag out for Flag Day.


  1. I didn't vacuum aNd got in serious trouble. But behind the scenes I have had a headache for two days that just got worse on Tuesday, plus I bought the wrong size tubing (maybe), but I was busy on Tuesday hauling her father to the doctor so she wouldn't have to, so I reaLLy should've got a medal for saving her last tiny thread of sanity. But I am just learning to smile a bunch and be happy. I did think about you in the parking lot on Tuesday when I saw what I thought was Grosse Point on a car sticker, but it turned out to be Crosse Point when I got a little bit closer.

    1. Sorry about the headache, hope it goes away soon. You did good with the FIL, and I bet she really appreciated it more than she could say.

  2. Hang in there, girl. These things come and go. Luckily, they mostly go.

  3. Thanks Becs, he just needs a little whoop ass and someone to steal his stupid pills.

  4. "For some reason the sulking process acts like fertilizer for the wayward actions of the dimwit" What a great line!